Explosionssäkra Kammare (ATEX)

ATEX (French abbreviation for ‘Atmosphere Explosive’) is an European guideline assuring the safe operation of industrial systems in explosion sensitive environments or under conditions carrying a risk of explosion. Two EU guidelines were released to execute these tasks – 99/92/EG and 94/9/EG. Since July 1st, 2003 these guidelines are binding. The installation of explosion-proved systems not complying with these guidelines will no longer be permitted. The guideline 99/92/EG describes the duties of the system user whereas the 94/9/EG lays down the duties of the system manufacturer. The implementation of “ATEX Guidelines” in our temperature and climatic test chambers for usage under conditions carrying a risk of fire and explosion are described in our brochure (PDF).

Applications: Testing, Stressing, Storage, Quality control and Qualification

Example 1: Design with primary explosion protection


Designs for system category 2 (zone 1)

Nitrogen inertisation with oxygen measurement type RO

  • large and small cleansing amount
  • Oxygen measuring unit
  • control of nitrogen concentration
  • heater temperatue supervision
  • supervision of fan
  • door lock

Applicable to temperature test chambers of series VTS, VTV, VT 7012 S2.
Not applicable to tests with defined climatic conditions.

Possible application:
Test with gasoline, tests with ignition sources in the test space (only occasional ignition sources in case of a malfunction).
Temperature test cabinet 600 l with inertisation of series RO
Temperature shock test chamber VT 7012 S2 with inertisation


Example 2: Design with secondary explosion protection


Designs for system category 2 (zone 1)

Type approved systems with explosion protected test space.
Available are temperature and climatic test cabinets of sizes 480, 800 and 1300 l.
The systems are approved for use up to temperature class T3 and explosion group IIB and fulfill the requirements of category 2 and 3.