Walk-in testkammare

Customized and variable…
The test chamber is made of prefabricated modules such as wall elements, door elements, air conditioning modules, temperature and climate conditioning equipments and control units. These modules are combined to form a compatible unit.

Applications: Testing, Stressing, Storage, Quality control and Qualification

Broschyr Walk-in test chambers (pdf)

Temperature Walk-In Test Chambers, Series VTZ


Standardized temperature test chambers with test space volumes from 8 to 22 m³ and different performance ranges of -60 °C to +150 °C for environmental tests of large or numerous small specimens. Accelerated and still reproducible tests as well as temperature tests for the quality control of manufacturing processes are possible.

Climatic Walk-In Test Chambers, Series VCZ – Constant climate


In our program for climatic test chambers we have different performance ranges up to +94 °C dew point temperature. Among others typical applications are the storage at constant temperature conditions and the conditioning of synthetic materials. To furnish proof of resistance of material and component against the influence of climate conditions becomes easy.

Climatic Walk-In Test Chambers, Series VCZ – Cyclic climate


A fresh breeze in the environmental test chambers from Vötsch Industrietechnik. Constant damp heat tests, cyclic damp heat tests (IEC 60 068-2-30) as well as combined cycling test procedures (IEC 60 068-2-38) can be conducted. These tests are particularly important for electronic components, e.g. used in automobiles, where respiration and icing becomes critical. Options e.g. irradiation systems according to the requirements of DIN 75 220 can be integrated as given in the relevant specifications.

Walk-In Test Chamber for Corrosion Tests


Combined temperature and climate test chambers with salt spray for corrosion tests in the automotive industry are designed upon special request. The picture shows a chamber with salt spray facility completely made of synthetic material.