Controller Element M!NCONTROL*


The Controller Element M!NCONTROL* must be used in association with the Controller Board M!NCON/32*.

Advantages at a glance

  • Fixed value operation
  • Backlighted display
  • Cleartext messages
  • Password protection, manual operation
  • Activation of stored test programs
  • Software temperature limiter

Controller Element Colour-Touchpanel


The Controller Element Colour-Touchpanel must be used in association with the Controller Board S!MCON/32*-NET and can be used as an option in association with the Controller Board M!NCON/32*.

Main advantages

  • Program operation
  • Program memory
  • Comfortable programming
  • Cleartext message
  • Graphics display of any measuring values possible
  • For standard test chambers adjustable in height
  • 32 bit processor (PDA compatible)
  • Windows CE 4.2 operating system
  • storage of max. 100 programmes with a total of 1000 segments and 9999 loops
  • passive colour display

Software S!MPATI*


We provide our Software S!MPATI* for collecting, editing, evaluating and managing your measured values.


  • Control the test cycle
  • Store measured data
  • Creation of test programs
  • Networking of up to 99 units
  • Connection of additional measuring devices
  • Recording of irregularities and errors
  • Print-out of measured data in form of a graph
  • Copy of measured data in other programmes
  • Management of test programs
  • Message service by eMail
  • Remote control of units in the network
  • RS 232/RS 485/RS 422/Ethernet/wireless LAN

Leaflet S!MPATI (pdf)

S!MPATI* Main Menu

simpati_main_menuAn overview of all connected test chambers is given in the main window of S!MPATI*. The colors identify the current operating status:
white: standby
green: operation
yellow: warning
red: alarm

Choose one chamber by double-click and you see a bigger window with informations about the setpoint and actual value of temperature and humidity, the active sensors and the operating status of all 16 digital channels.

S!MPATI* Programming

simpati_programming Symbolic Editor
Row of symbols with display of the course of curve.
– Realisation of special set value curves that are very difficult to convert
– Analog programming to touch panel

Grafic Editor
Double click at this point with the left mouse button, you have determined the first point of your test programme.
– Time-saving
– Error-free

Shock Test Editor
Not for products of VIT Wärmetechnik! Special editor for temperature shock tests.
– Accurate test procedure guaranteed

S!MPATI* Evaluation

simpati_evaluation The analysis windows shows you all the measured values (set points and actual values) at the moment and since the beginning of the test run.

S!MPATI* Interfaces

simpati_interfaces – TCP/IP-server
(interface for applications requested by the customer)

– http-server
(monitoring of the chambers via a browser)

– SMTP-server
(automatical eMail message in case of error and/or changes of conditions)

– OPC-server
(Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control)
(process visualisation)

The OPC server is a standardised software interface which permits exchange of data to systems of different suppliers. This circumstance permits the visualisation of running processes

What does process visualisation mean?

  • Physical values (e.g. temperature, pressure, current, etc.) are dynamically shown by process visualisation.
  • Process visualisations must be adjusted to the particular system and process.
  • The templates or surfaces of visualisation are designed by means of graphic design tools, so-called SCADA-systems, such as WinCC, Factory Link or Tornado software.
  • The software LabVIEW can be used complementary to S!MPATI* either via TCP/IP or OPC-Server.

– SQL-server
(Structured Query Language, Standard interface for databases)
(integration of customer’s databases)

What does SQL mean?

Many database systems are operated with SQL e.g.: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access etc.. SQL uses fixed commands to read-out data of a database and to record the values. Using the software S!MPATI* and complementary applications various special tasks can be realised in technical manner. For example, test systems can be designed to ensure complete traceability of the tested specimens.


  • Easy handling
  • No input via keyboard required
  • No incorrect inputs
  • Acquisition without handling the specimen
  • Short period of introduction of operator

– pc-Anywhere

S!MPATI* BarCodeScanner with Process Data Basesimpati_barcodeBar code scanning technology can now be used with S!MPATI*. The alternative to keyboard and mouse providing significant advantages such as:

  • Simple to use – even in clean-room conditions
  • Fault-free input of lot numbers and product ID’s
  • Scanning of process data
  • Automatic assignment of process cycles to existing products
  • Extensive training not required, no PC operation
  • Traceability of completed process or test cycles.

Wireless scanner technology scans and transfers the information during the loading of the chamber.

Software S!MPATI* Pharma

Qualification documentationFor the S!MPATI*software we provide FDA-conform qualification documentation. All products of Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH, equipped with control systems of the series S!MCON/32*-NET/M!NCON/32*, controlled with S!MPATI*software version 2.02 and more meet the guideline FDA 21 CFR Part 11 as to the extent described in the manufacturer’s declaration FDA 21 CFR Part 11.