Corrosion / Salt spray atmospheres


Salt spray atmospheres such as those prevailing along coastal areas or those prevailing on the roads in winter can be easily simulated by our systems.

Test space volumes: 450 and 1000 l
Salt spray test: 5 K above ambient temperature to +50 °C
Condensation water test: 5 K above ambient temperature to +45 °C

Broschyr Corrosion Testing (pdf)

Climatic Test Cabinets for Noxious Gas Tests


The increasing pollution of the air due to the combustion of fossil energy carriers influences the natural weathering and ageing processes of materials. Tests with one or more pollutants can be performed in the Vötsch Climatic Test Cabinets with corrosive gas system.

– Climatic test chamber VC with noxious gas option
– Climatic test chamber for noxious gas test including chlorine
(Battelle Test / EN 60068-2-60)

Test space volume: 150 and 300 l
Temperature range: +15 to +60 °C
Noxious gas test chamber: stainless steel or PMMA
Gas dosage device: for max. 4 gases

Environmental Test Equipment to Characterize Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile organic compounds (VOC) originating from sources inside a room can be characterized under real conditions. Scientific measures and product testing aimed to limit organic emissions indoors, for the purpose of improved consumer protection, can be evaluated. Applications are offered by many branches, e.g. test houses and research, automobile supplier industries, automotive industry, aviation and space industries, plastic processing industries, building material industry, clothing industry, manufacturers of sport articles, chemical industry etc.

Test space volumes: 200 and 1000 l
Temperature range: +20 °C to +130 °C
Humidity range: 30 % to 95 % RH

Broschyr Emmisions (pdf)